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I am collecting WOW ‘things’ to do with Sound for this website chapter and would be happy for you to share a WOW ‘something’ to include in this section for everyone to enjoy.

I want to share things that celebrate creativity; unique ‘somethings’; sparks of spirit; a goosepimple moment; Connection that is visible or audible, written or spoken; a special communication through music, writings, photographs or videos…to do with Sound.

There are Mysteries and Mirrors around all the time, but do I recognize them instead of seeing myself and telling ‘my story’ over and over. There are so many new, bright, open-hearted happenings or discoveries in our most amazing precious and vulnerable World.

Often I go through Life with my mind permeated by dulled monotonous routine and ‘to do’ lists. It’s like walking on a beach and not noticing much because my head is busy with my story.

Then maybe something jarring happens and I’m shocked into an acute bright attention. Do we really have to set ourselves up for shock or suffering before we can hear the ‘OM’ of things!?

Leonard Cohen said: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” So creatively we adapt and hone ourselves, and master as best we can the different notes and tones of experiences to simplify enough to listen between the spaces and silences, and between activity and stillness. So let’s make it our Way to be excited or curious to choose with all the ears and eyes of our heart and mind both the ordinary and the extraordinary…and again Leonard Cohen says: “Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”

How wonderful if Mind already recognizes the ordinary as extraordinary and the extraordinary becomes standard!!

With so much love.

Beautiful False Bay looking towards Simonstown & Cape Point.

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