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Akong Rinpoche consecrating statues after the Medicine Buddha Empowerment.

(Brussels 2012) 1.32mins

Songs Of Whales Drowned By Man Made Noise | SONIC SEA 2.56mins

Marine life relies on sound to survive and prosper.

Sonic Sea is about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution.

Ocean Noise Pollution || Discovery 1.13mins

Water/ocean noise pollution is an overlooked environmental issue affecting the lives of marine animals.

10 Scary yet beautiful facts about Space & Us 2.02 min –

Our Universe is not Silent – Although space is a vacuum, that does not mean there is no sound in it. In the vacuum of space sound exists in the form of electromagnetic vibrations. Nearly all astronomical objects radiate radio frequencies. NASA’s scientists designed an instrument known as ‘astronomical interferometer’ which record these electromagnetic vibrations and transfer them into sounds within range of human hearing (20-20,000 Hz). Voyager and Hawk-Eye are among many probes which record the pulses and frequencies and therefore we can hear space sounds of our solar system and far beyond.

Original space audio recordings provided courtesy of NASA & Prof. Donald A. Gurnett, Carver/James A. Van Allen Prof. of Physics Dept of Physics & Astronomy, University of Iowa. #thevoiceofourearth #soundofearth #earthfromorbit

The Voice of Our Earth 14.25min – Earth is about 4.54 billion years old. It is the only planet not named after a god. The Earth is the densest planet in the Solar System – mostly iron, oxygen & silicon. It is not round in shape; it is geoid bulging towards the equator. Earth is the only planet in our solar system to have water in all 3 forms – liquid, solid, gas. 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water – only 3% is fresh, 97% salted. Of the 3% freshwater, over 2% is frozen in ice sheets & glaciers. Less than 1% fresh water is found in lakes, rivers & underground. One third of the Earth’s surface is partially or totally desert. The Earth is struck by lightning 100 times per second i.e. 8.6 million times per day. The rotation of the Earth is slowing down – approx 17 milliseconds per 100 years & will take 140 million years before it has 25 hour days. The Queen of the U.K. is the legal owner of 1/6 of the Earth’s land surface.

STARDUST – This astronomy buff has uploaded & put together space related videos using the original sound footage of the planets, or the sound & visual content he’s collected. Especially see “The Symphony of our Star – real images of the Sun.”

Sonic Geometry: Frequency & Form 31.55mins –

A WOW video! Celebrates the natural geometry underlying universal patterns vibrating in sound, cymatics, crop circles, pyramid construction, earth, sun, moon dimensions, cycles and aeons…the universal macro ‘as above’ reflecting the ‘so below’ micro fractals and vice versa …a mirrored hologram that’s always been.

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