Using Tuning Forks

What are Tuning Forks used for?

Tuning Forks are powerful therapeutic tools used by healing practitioners to alleviate internal and external imbalances, blockages & pain, both on the physical & the subtle levels. They are also applied in different methods of Sound Therapy.

If X-rays are in short supply, doctors will use tuning forks to identify whether a bone is fractured or not. Doctors do this by simply striking a tuning fork and placing the vibrating fork close to the affected area. This tool has been used to tune musical instruments.

Is also combined with the healing practices of Shiatsu, Cranial-Sacral, Trigger Point, Polarity, Massage, Physical and Sport Therapies, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and subtle body therapies that include Reiki, EFT, and other disciplines that balance the body’s vital energy centres and attune the Chakras.


  • Where the sound / audible resonance of the forks sympathetically balances, harmonizes and relaxes the body.
  • Where the tuning fork is toned above & around the body, rebalancing it.
  • Where the sound of the tuning fork is used in personal meditation practice – either as a sound meditation support or as a point of focus for a sound/visualization meditation.
  • Where the sound is toned using the voice, the body itself becomes the vibratory resonance chamber.


  • Where vibration heals tissues and cells – when the vibrating stem of the tuning fork is placed directly on the body e.g. the sternum, vertebra, meridian and reflex points.

How are Tuning Forks used?

  • Tap the side (not the front) of the tuning fork on the heel of your hand, or strike a rubber wedge to make it vibrate with sound. Then apply the fork in the healing manner in which you are practiced.
  • Hold the vibrating fork near the ears of your client and then gently progress around the body working to their highest benefit within their energetic field / aura. The fork has to be repeatedly struck when the vibration ceases.
  • In meditation the sound of the chosen fork can be used as a point of focus and a meditational support.
  • The Om Tuning Fork sound can be used as the accurate starting point to tone the OM / AUM mantra.

Strike the flat side if the barrel of the tuning fork on the pad of your hand.

  • Each of the chakras can be toned by the voice, using the set of 7 Chakra Tuning Forks. While doing this you can visualize the specific colour of the chakra, cleansing and rebalancing it.
  • It is also possible to balance & tune all the chakras with only one fork. Drop your voice to its lowest possible pitch keeping it in tune with the particular tone of the chosen tuning fork and start at the Root chakra. Intone each of the 7 chakras, each in ascending pitch, moving up to the Crown chakra. Breathe smoothly and evenly in a circular motion. Move down the chakras again and then lastly up to the crown chakra. You can then sit for a while being receptive and conscious for energy to enter from above. This movement is helpful if you lack energy and are inclined to depression – also when ‘hypo’, dull or in Yin energy. If you are ‘hyper’ or Yang, are over stimulated, have inflamed emotions, of mind and body, have too much mental activity, then rather start with the Crown chakra and move towards the Root chakra first. Repeat this exercise going up the central column and in the third movement run back down from the head to the Root. Then sit for a while and connect with the rootedness of Earth energy.
  • Mentally identify with the problem, painful area and where it resides. Choose your tuning fork and make it vibrate. Visualize the size, shape, colour, texture and then use the sound of the tuning fork to tone into it, until it breaks up, shrinks to a pinpoint and to nothingness. Thank it for its lessons and release it out harmlessly. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Use NO forcefulness.
  • By using your own voice sing the specific frequency of the chosen tuning fork. Allow the resonance of this inner vocal vibration to reach your cells from the inside. Also actively visualize this healing. This sounding method is a natural way of stimulating, revitalizing & strengthening healthy cells, while stopping the degenerative process of others. Healthy cells seem to ‘breathe’ in a way that allows them to freely receive, absorb, integrate and return sound to the environment. This is the same with healthy people.

The correct way of holding & applying a Tuning Fork.

  • A resonant communication and healing is made between the voice and living cells. The voice carries not only the physical imprint and the emotional colour, but also the subtle conscious and unconscious inflection – making the voice the most powerful healing instrument.
  • Even a very weak vibration of an acoustic tuning fork is able to effect cellular change in the bio-magnetic and energetic fields. They can be used instead of acupuncture needles on meridian points, reflexology points and any relevant blocked or painful areas of the body or in the aura.

The tail of the tuning fork on the meridian point vibrates on both the physical and the etheric levels, dissolving the negative messaging, thereby also balancing the energy of both the blood and the nervous system. The master points along the spine and the reflexology points on the ears, feet, head and hands are also used in tuning fork therapy to re-establish the natural flow of energy, to the source of the imbalance or pain.

This incorrect manner of holding the Tuning Fork, dampens the vibration.

“When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance. In the heart of the cells, in the spiral of the DNA, is the vibratory promise and the divine story.”


Get to know the areas that correspond with the Chakra centres on the front of the body and then along the vertebral column.
When you speak with a client and you carefully listen to what they say, you can identify from which area of physical, emotional or mental body they are coming from. They’ll tell you…..just be a good listener. Far more important is to listen with heart than to have your mind in the academic / analytical field. Learn these basics and then build your confidence…..and make them work for you in your unique way.

Often I ask my client where about in their body are they feeling that feeling, that issue, that stress, that problem, that anger, that loneliness, confusion (whatever word they use for what they are describing). Then I place the vibrating tuning fork to that area (if they point to the solar plexus, then I use the appropriate fork; afterwards I always use the heart tuning fork. The actual transformation and balancing takes place using the heart chakra fork. This fork can be used anywhere on the body).
Ask the person to describe what they are feeling and to describe the energy in this area – colour? Is it dark, muddy colour. What consistency has it?…..sticky, bloody, watery etc. Is there a smell? What is their face doing while they are describing it? Anyway get them to describe it using all the senses. Maybe it will trigger a memory and they will be able to track the density and blockage of that experience which is bound up in their body memory.

Then apply your sound. Ask them to breathe in the healing sound and take the breath to that place they have just described. Ask then to imagine or visualize the vibration disintegrating/ dissolving the problem energy so that it dissipates into the ethers until they feel that this area is clear, or when this is flooded with clear transparent white or blue healing light. Ask them to use their breath to breathe the sound vibration into the blockage or disturbance. You can also ask them to hum the sound of the fork into this area.

At this stage ask them what it is that they need to know/ learn/ be conscious of through this discomfort. Or ask them what this feeling is saying to them. (Often when they are feeling stressed with this area, they are not in the position to know or acknowledge what their learning is about this.This is often easier when they feel that they are relieved and unburdened from the ‘discomfort’/pain/struggle.) There must be no rush when doing any of this. Effectively you are doing ‘Feng Shui’ of the body…….but you are supporting your client to make the effort with your confidence, experience and skill, to heal/repair/ be kind to themselves. By listening and humming/sounding into their bodies, they are ‘efforting’ in healing themselves and changing the victim/helpless consciousness to a more centred self-empowering way of being.

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