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  1. The specific Tuning Fork vibration is self correcting using it from outside in, on various polarity points and chakra points of the body, or points identified by the client him/herself.
  2. Humming with focus & intent into the body space, applies the vibration from inside out
  3. By doing this, we can identify the place, emotion and the triggers that have created this problem. This can lead to recognizing & realizing our repeated patterns.
  4. Our intent and skill is to heal, and build our energy so that it may take over and spontaneously do the work itself.

5. We recognize that we are creating the inner space to raise consciousness through the medium of Sound to become more fully realized and aware.

6. This adds to the view that everything is sacred space. We don’t need holiness for sacred space….rather it’s about obedience and respect to the natural Laws of Harmony and the devotion to raise ourselves and sentient beings out of the morass of suffering. My teacher said: “Pain is a reality, but suffering is optional.” We can do this by consciously opening ourselves to be ‘teachable’ in a rainbow variation of ways…e.g. I am taught by a recognized precious Tibetan Tulku Teacher / Guru who in turn was taught by a centuries old, lineage of enlightened masters. You may choose that you resonate with another way of receiving Teachings.

7. With focus and intent and practice, eventually we become The Mirror of our Teachings. Finally the Mirror will be reflected through us. As Gandhi said: “Become the change you wish to see in the world”.

I have said more about this under ‘Act of Intention’ on the About Sound 1 Page of this website.

Meditation Using Tuning Forks

Psychological difficulties or trauma sinks into the unconscious and gets ‘time-locked’. The physical energetic body also gets ‘memory-locked’ deep into the cellular energy. The physical, emotional, mental bodies having embedded the damage, bubble up and manifest as physical disease, neurosis and/or mental aberration. This can be triggered at any time when a situation resonates with the original experience. Sound is capable of merging – when the audible, physical vibrations sympathetically resonate, retuning the energy so that healing occurs.


All past memories and all future potentialities are stored in our vibrational body.
Psychoacoustics is in its infancy, and we are only now beginning to understand the precision in which sound patterns can affect brain and cellular processes. By using different frequencies, it is possible to resonate different areas of the body, thereby triggering emotional/mental activity associated with those areas.

The applications to psychotherapy and disciplines involving the body/mind interface are very exciting.

  1. Close your eyes gently.
  2. Centre attention on your breathing. Settle down and breathe using your navel.
  3. Ask yourself where in your body you identify the issue at hand.
  4. Move awareness to the part of your body where you feel the pain/discomfort/ tension/ the specific feeling to be located and recognized.
  5. Rest there. Be aware of any sensations.
  6. Simply notice what is there – no fight, no struggle, let go, let be.
  7. Visualize the size, shape, colour, texture of this problem.
  8. Ask yourself: What it is that I need to know? Breathe gently feeling and acknowledging what it is your bodymind saying to you.
  9. Relax and breathe smoothly into this area for a while.
  10. Hold the vibrating fork near the ears and on an in-breath draw the sound down your spinal column spreading it to all parts of your body, focussing it into the area you are working with.
  11. By placing the ‘tail’ of the tuning fork on the specific area, impacts on both the physical and the etheric levels, dissolving negative bodymind messaging and transforming it (affecting cellular change in the bio-magnetic and energetic fields). Repeat the position of the tuning fork as many times as is needed.
  12. Be gentle. Be Kind. Use no forcefulness.
  13. Breathe the sound in and visualize shrinking the problem to a pinpoint and into nothingness.
  14. Thank it for its lessons and release it out harmlessly.
  15. You may wish to lay your hands gently on the area of discomfort.
  16. Ask if there is another area of your body that needs attention & work with it in the same way.
  17. Quietly repeat these 3 phrases: May I be healed. May I be happy. May I be peaceful.
  18. Allow feelings of loving kindness and compassion to flow through your body.
  19. Rest in gratitude.

Be blessed. Be happy. Be free.

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