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India Dugmore's Naming Ceremony

Saturday 7th September

“Thank you very much for a very special occasion – we are extremely grateful. Much love.”
Miranda, David & India

David and Miranda invited family and loved friends to celebrate with them the blessing of their beautiful daughter with her name of “India”, a name given to daughters from aristocratic families during the British rule in India during the 19th century – derived from the name of the country India, which takes its name from the Indus River.

The vibration that a name holds, imbues the form with that energy. The meaning of a name has a great influence upon its possessor and the sound, vowels, rhythm, number and nature of the letters which compose it, as well as the root from which it is derived, impacts on the character.

May this little girl, “India”
spread her life force and nurture her world
as the Indus river yields her ‘milk’ to feed the lands wherever she flows.
May her earth waters merge also with celestial streams.
May she be the river of grace and blessing to her world.
May she become this name that fertilizes, grows, purifies,
liberates and finally merges with all seas and all waters.
May she always feel filled and blessed
with the essence that her wonderful name imbues.
May her name be her precious amulet speaking to her of her source.
May her name be the seed that initiates her today
into the Pure Realms of both matter and spirit.

Miranda, David, India & Myself at the Casa Labia Cultural Centre in Muizenberg.

Sufi Temple

Saturday 24th August 2013

It was a pleasure meeting Sufi teacher, Aliya Haeri…. her light, her ‘seeing’ & ‘deep listening’. She spoke of universal teachings , & with light & clarity she wove the evening together …..the beautiful singing of Lynne, Yusuf & Nceba, & the sonorous meditative sounds of the Singing Bowls.

Desert Rose & I were thrilled to introduce for the very first time to the public, the Prajnaparamita Mantra that comes from Buddhist scriptures. It is a Sanskrit mantra that comes at the end of the Heart Sutra. Basically, it pays homage to the Awakened Mind which has crossed over to the other shore – the mind which has gone altogether beyond – awakened & freed from confusion & suffering. The liberated mind experiencing itself…experiencing the essential nature of who we are. The key word is BODHI, a feminine noun which means awakening. (This became personified as a goddess of Ultimate Wisdom & Insight.) Mantra of Illumination, it is the supreme Mantra through which one can truly pass beyond all suffering. The mantra of great insight.

Practice: Repeat the mantra to yourself. Use the Heart mantra to take you beyond. Let it take you to the other shore. Allow it to awaken you. Let it remind you of your becoming. Let it carry you away without your leaving. Through repetition it will become part of you. ….and you may become part of it….blend into one pure understanding.


April 2013

Singing Bowls with Yusuf & Lynne Ganief of Desert Rose

Public Sound Meditation at Christian Community Centre

This amazing day of 21st of December 2012 has finally arrived !

So many things can be said about this day with predictions being wide & varied. For hundreds of years this ‘moment’ has been anticipated by the Mayans, Toltec, Hopi elders, Aborigines, Tibetans & Egyptians. It’s incredible that we are living in this minuscule pinprick of time.

As with everything, our world displays a morass of positive, neutral & negative. So this day represents many different things depending on one’s mind view. We can have one of two responses – either we’ll move into the flow or we’ll go into resistance. The choice is ours. When we move into the flow of things, we concurrently move into alignment.

It is of no matter whether or not one believes in economic & global doomsday predictions, a crumbling old order & the beginning of another epoch, or the astrological movements & solar activity affecting Earth’s magnetic field, and the unique alignment of our Earth within the centre of the Milky Way after 26,000 years.
What is relevant is the worldwide ‘agreement’ of Change that has been pegged to this day, presenting a unique opportunity for us to harness this energy & move with the flow to become more conscious.

By being together on this evening, the seeds of Intention will grow exponentially creating a powerful medicine for our future. I cannot think of a better pre-Christmas ‘Carol’ with which to gift ourselves.
Complimenting this will be the harmonies of pristine Himalayan singing bowls, bells & gongs. It’s sure to be a magical weave of movement & stillness, sound & silence. We look forward to being together on this most special day.


June 2012

Michael Oak Fundraiser 2012

11/11/11 ADAM'S CALENDAR, Mpumalanga

Ancient traditions worldwide have been waiting for this ‘moment’ 11/11/11 and that it has arrived in our lifetime is an extraordinary ‘gift’, not to mention that we have this portal of both time and place on our very doorstep. Our relationship to spirit is strengthened by continually being on the lookout for manifestations of spirit. These gestures of spirit are called synchronicities, omens, coincidences or medicine signs. The lotus of our heart blooms when it communes with spirit. “This silent knowledge which each of us intuits, awakens and enfolds us more deeply in the arms of mystery.”

Playing our part, dancing with light…. On the 11/11/11 a circle of 22 people sat in meditation at the site of Adam’s Calendar in Mpumalanga – an opportunity of initiation like this only comes once in many many lifetimes.

Prayer of Intent:11/11/11

• Today, here on our African soil, we call in the enlightened masters, ancestors, guides, priests & the wisdom keepers of the animal, plant, mineral kingdoms & all energies & entities who love us, to walk with us & empower the intent of this Ceremony & bring it to reality.

• The universe is in transformation & we are a reflection of that consciousness. This is not just about humanity – not just about ‘me’, but a much much broader collective ‘we’ –the heavens & the earth with all its creatures & plant life.

• Firstly, let us deeply apologise on behalf of all humanity for the harm that we have created. May we aspire to end suffering caused by the imbalance of all the elements. May we be impassioned to make it better, taking care of our inner & outer worlds as Pure Realms.

• We offer our sincere Intent & commitment to bring the worlds into alignment with Sacred Law thereby serving the spiral of Creation.

• We call in the ‘as above’, the Great Mystery, that which Dreams & sees the bigger picture. May this Great Mystery guide us to be messengers between the visible & the invisible, the light & dark, human & divine – so that we ‘dance’ spirit into matter, & matter into spirit.

• May we expand our consciousness, & with wisdom & compassion may we create balance, harmony & beauty in all the worlds.

• Calling upon the ‘so below’ – the enlightened shamans to bring light into our shadow which is as much part of our learning as sound is to silence, & day is to night. May we be inspired us to nourish & heal our Earth & all sentient beings. May brokenness of spirit & matter be consummated into wholeness & beauty.

• May this phenomenal gateway of place & time spin the body, mind &spirit of all beings into calm, becoming a Stillpoint where they can rest & be free.

• May the intent of the Rainbow Karma Masters shimmer the song lines & crystal matrixes renewing cycles & patterns.

• We call upon the 5th dimension, the Power of the Dream to heal our precious planet, to bridge the gap between what is, & what creates & feeds life – as a legacy to future generations. May we merge our Personal Dream with our Sacred Dream, knowing that this nourishes the overall Collective & Mother Earth Dream.

• May we deeply listen & connect with Silent Knowledge, for this 6th dimension transmits understanding, bringing a fresh meeting with Godliness & our own infinite being.

• May the 7th dimension, the Unknowable, the Ineffable, sing & dream us to ‘walk’ with heart. The vibration in our heart is the selfsame mirror we create in the world. May we become the mirror of peace & love in the world.


WORLD PEACE DAY 21 September 2011

WORLD PEACE DAY 21 September 2010


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