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"The most beautiful Sound is found in Silence" said by Tai Situ Rinpoche

Crop Circles - Formed by Sound

"Crop Circles are prevalent in the U.K. but also appear all over the world - in the USA, Europe, Africa, Canada, Australia, Central & Southern America & Japan.

Crop circles are organized harmonic forms of energy comprised of light, sound & magnetism which physically manifest as geometric patterns.

A field is swirled into a geometric shape in under 15 seconds. Before the 1990’s crop circles were relatively simple, after which the designs developed exponentially in complexity, mimicking computer fractals, expressing 4th dimensional ideas in quantum physics & showing harmonic ratios of planets in our solar system. I am sure that meditating on these symbols opens one to progressively deeper levels of connection until one experiences a mystical sense of Oneness.

Circles bearing unmistakable associations with sound have appeared. One contained the Lamdoma or Pythagorean Table which defines relationships between musical harmonics and mathematical ratios. The musical scale is constructed on the harmonics of sacred geometry and now found within the framework of crop circles, representing the mathematical structure of the world. Ancient Egyptians referred to geometry as frozen music.

Being built on intersecting ‘nodes’ of the Earth’s magnetic energy pathways, crop circles show existence of ultrasound frequencies and are known to affect both people’s awareness and biophysical rhythms. Often compasses cannot locate north, cameras and cellular phones malfunction, packs of fresh batteries are drained in minutes, helicopter and aircraft equipment are effected and radio frequencies are markedly different. Local farm animals avoid the crop circles and are agitated hours before one materializes.

Like others before him, Swiss scientist Hans Jenny enabled us to observe how sound vibration created geometric shapes. This is known as Cymatics – the study of wave phenomena showing the effects of sound vibration on matter. A low frequency produced a simple circle and as the frequencies rose so did the complexity of shapes. Some are blatant doubles, such as the tetrahedron at Barbury Castle in 1991, the spider’s web mandala at Avebury in 1994, even the highly structured star fractals of 1997.

Jenny provided a physical connection to the creation of crop circles since many of the
vibrational patterns found in his photos mimic their designs.

This crop circle appeared July 22, 2009 on Woodborough Hill near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, England.

Ultrasound can be aimed, focused and reflected almost like a light beam, and specific frequencies can be focused to cause certain kinds of molecules to vibrate while others nearby are left unmoved. The higher the frequency of ultrasound, the greater its ability to be directed. Close to the centre, crop circle readings are in the high MHz range of 260 – 320 MHz. Just as crop circles have made a quantum leap in mathematical complexity over the past two years, so too have readings jumped to 540 MHz. Incredibly, this coincides with Jenny’s experiments which show that a relationship exists between the rising complexity of cymatic geometries in proportion to the rise of frequency. In other words, the level of frequency, whether in a laboratory or a field, correlates with the increase in design intricacy. Such extremely high frequencies affect awareness and consciousness. The MHz range ultrasound prevents damage to sensitive tissues and there are many cases of spontaneous healings inside crop circles.

Prior to crop circles forming, reports describe a sudden stillness that is superseded by
a trilling sound and wheat heads bang together despite an absence of wind. A whole section of crop then lays down in spiral fashion, the whole episode lasting less than fifteen seconds. Circles researcher, Colin Andrews came across the trilling noise and captured on magnetic tape a noise that was mechanical in nature beating at a frequency of 5.0 – 5.2 kHz (analyzed at Sussex University and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab).
Interestingly, the Aborigines relate to this trilling sound. During their ceremonies to contact the sky spirits, a ‘bora’ consisting of a specially-shaped piece of wood is attached to the end of a long string and whirled, creating a noise practically identical to the crop circle hum. Crop circles appear in Australia and their geometries appear in Aboriginal rock paintings.

But perhaps the greatest connection linking sound to the manifestation of crop circles lies in the permanent bending of the plants’ stems. Exposure to heavy metal music made the plants tilt in the opposite direction, whereas classical music lulled the plants toward the speakers. In the case of Hindu devotional music- and the songs of Ravi Shankar, in particular- the stems bent in excess of 60º to the horizontal closest to that right angle common in crop circles. Tests consistently show how the energy creating crop circles is able to affect the molecular activity of the seed embryo and accelerate plant growth, elongate the plant’s nodes and even alter the pattern of the chromosomes themselves. The frequency that was applied was identical the crop circle trilling noise.

Below 20 Hz sound becomes infrasonic and are directly involved with biological processes. It is well known that long exposure to infrasound can cause unpleasant conditions such as fatigue and nausea, and such symptoms are reported by visitors to crop circles. Infrasonic sound under high pressure boils the water inside the stems in nanoseconds. As water heats it expands and the plants reveal tiny holes in their nodes where this superheated water has escaped producing a hissing sound. The now top-heavy plants then collapse into their new horizontal position. Because the temperature increases by thousands of degrees for a fraction of a second, millions of gallons of groundwater disappear within the area of a crop circle and plants have a cooked, malty odour.
Extracts from Secrets in the Fields © Freddy Silva, 1997, 2002.

Look at the similarity of precision and perfection of these crop circle and the Cymatic photos. Who could argue that crop circles are not the result of a infrasonic and/or ultrasonic sound frequencies !

Cymatics - Geometry & Form shaped by Sound (Greek ‘kyma’ = wave)

Cymatics is the study of how vibrations generate and influence patterns, shapes and moving processes. Cymatics is the science of how sound waves translate into physical patterns with the implication of creating form

The long and illustrious lineage of scientific inquiry into the physics of sound can be traced back to Pythagoras. Fast forward into the early 18th century, the German physicist Ernst Chladni, the Father of acoustics, covered plates with thin layers of sand, set them vibrating and observed the patterns formed in response to different sound stimuli. He therefore demonstrated that sound affects physical matter and has the quality of creating geometric patterns. Phi, often referred to as the Golden Mean, is the ratio of one to 1.618 and is perhaps the most important constant seen in cymatic pictures as it is also prevalent in all living things.

Dr Hans Jenny

a Swiss physician and anthroposophist, furthered Cymatics using photography to document and illustrate his findings on the effect of sound vibrations on sand, spores, iron filings, water and viscous substances by placing them on vibrating metal plates. His work shows that some of the formed patterns were perfectly ordered and were stationary, while others were turbulently developing, organic and constantly in motion.

Low tones result in simple and clear pictures, while higher tones form more complex structures. With increased frequency, the complexity of the patterns and number of elements became greater. Increasing the amplitude brought about rapid and turbulent motions creating small eruptions. Form that appeared solid was animated by underlying vibrations. One can easily imagine how life forms could evolve from the primordial, energetic matrix, organized by the orderly pulsation of sound. Many spiritual traditions speak of sound as being the formative force of creation.

Reading from left to right shows that with increased sound frequency, the complexity of pattern & number of elements in the pattern, becomes greater.

“The forms of snowflakes and faces of flowers may take on their shape because they are responding to some sound in nature. Likewise, it is possible that crystals, plants, and human beings may be, in some way, music that has taken on visible form.” Cathie Guzett

There is a similarity between Cymatic pictures and Quantum particles. In both cases that which appears to be a solid form is also a wave. Jenny invented a crystal oscillator which created a way to see that when Hebrew and Sanskrit vowels were toned, they formed the actual patterns of the letters themselves, but not so in modern languages. Therefore, do sacred mantras and ancient texts influence and transform physical reality or do they heal one who has gone “out of tune”? The richest source of harmonic sounds are imbedded within the human voice and it is inspiring to think that simply the function of speaking is an act of creation. Jenny said that the key to healing the body with sound would be by understanding how different frequencies influence the genes, cells, and organs of the body.

The Chaos Theory

Jenny’s work was truly ground-breaking; he was a forerunner of the Chaos Theory. e.g. When water is subjected to and excited by gradually increasing frequencies, the complexity of pattern increases with the escalating pitch. At a critical pitch as the tone continues to ascend, the entire structure dissolves into chaos, only to re-configure into a higher order of complexity. This process of chaos and re-integration is seen throughout nature, from the electrons fields within the atom to complex weather patterns, to intricate physiological processes within our bodies that allow us to function in homeostasis within an ever-changing sea of vibrations (our environment).

This cycle of chaos and assimilation also serves as a metaphor for the process of evolution occurring at all levels of creation, from the physical to the subtlest domains of consciousness. We can choose how we navigate our experience in that we can either get caught up in chaotic turmoil, or we can accept a reality and relax in the knowledge that a more coherent state of harmony will emerge.

From left to right. 1. A pentagon form created by a low fequency sine tone. 2. A beautiful Cymatic photo similar to the stained-glass Rose windows in European Cathedrals. 3+4. A drop of water under the influence of sound.

Sound vibrating Water. From Jenny's work, it was Dr Guy Manners, who developed Bioresonance or Cymatic Therapy (Cymatherapy).

How Cymatics is applied therapeutically today.

One way to illustrate how sound may heal is to imagine an orchestra that represents the human body. If one or more of the musicians are playing off key and the situation is not corrected, it will negatively impact the entire orchestra and become discordant. It then becomes necessary for a conductor (healing frequencies) to restore order and harmony. The healing frequencies may originate from a modern sound healing instrument or from a traditional method such as the human voice, a gong, a didgeridoo, tuning forks, singing bowls to name a few. Audible sound therapy has no known side-effects and has been proven to be powerfully efficacious. In a sense, the body’s absorption of harmonic sounds is similar to the life-giving energy absorbed from foods. Harmonic sounds act as nourishment for the body and have the almost magical power of restoring order to organisms that are malfunctioning.

He used sound to transmit the signature vibrations of healthy organs and tissues, into diseased areas of the body, whereupon it was transformed into its healthy counterpart. Dr. Manners has said that every part of the body possesses a harmonic. Each component of your body has its own prime resonant frequency. Literally hundreds of ‘signature vibrations’ of healthy organs and tissues are now scientifically tabulated. We know what they are, and they can be played back into the system to correct and restore the balance of frequencies within. The Prime Resonant Frequency of a person is in the range of 7–10Hz. The PRF of the heart is approximately 100Hz. The PRF of a typical cell is approximately 1000Hz. The vibratory signatures for a human organ are the same regardless of the age of the individual. “But”, he said, “if we take a frequency sample of your DNA at age 18 and save it, then later, if we transmit this frequency to your cells, they will be rejuvenated.”

It is proposed that dysfunctional cells have vital channels shut down. On this premise, sound opens the closed channels, supporting the cell to resume normal functioning and replication. Nobel prize winner, Dr James Gimzewski of UCLA, California, has taken a revolutionary approach to studying cellular function using an atomic force microscope to listen to sounds emitted by cells. The focus of this new science is called ‘sonocytology’.

Acoustic engineer and UK Cymatic researcher, John Reid has developed an electro-acoustic device enabling one to visualize the voice, music and other sound sources. The CymaScope® is the world’s first commercial instrument that allows us to enjoy and study the visual geometry of sound.

For several years medical scientists have been using sound to break up kidney stones and more recently, to excite individual cancerous cells within a tumour to the extent that they rupture, thus destroying them.


Because every person’s anatomy is different, our organs and tissues also vary in resonant frequency within a very narrow range of one another. Dr Guy Manners solved this slight variation by using a tone consisting of an overlay of five frequencies, producing a harmonic precise enough to stimulate the targeted bone, organ or muscle tissue, while at the same time enabling one generic setting to work effectively, despite individual variations.

These are some of the exciting developments in the field of Cymatics. The implications of this research to the field of sound therapy are vast.
From all that has been said…..a key significance Cymatics shows us, is how our life patterns can change on a new fundamental level if just one tone is introduced….or even if we make just one change in our lives.

The cymatherapy machine creates ultra pure tones that successfully address and heal a huge range of injuries and ailments. It is also used for facial rejuvenation.

Harmonic Life of Plants

When plants were exposed to Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert they grew toward the sound. Plants not only grew away from heavy rock music but also grew abnormally tall with excessively small leaves or remained stunted with sparse roots using much more water than the classically entertained plants which flourished in all ways. Music of Bach and the sitar played by Ravi Shankar played to plants caused them to lean an unprecedented 35 degrees towards Bach’s music and more than halfway in excess of 60 degrees towards the Indian classical music.
From ‘Secret Life of Plants’ by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird.

Dan Carlson of Blaine, Minnesota discovered that 5000Hz makes plants ‘breathe’ better. Pulsed high frequency sonics of around 5000Hz embedded in Oriental, Indian and Classical music, was played daily to the plants for half an hour and also sprayed with diluted plant nutrients. Result!…..a phenomenal 99% growth increase of any plant. A 4 ½ inch purple passion plant grew to 1400 feet long in 2 ½ years. Normal size: 18 inches. (It grew into the Guiness Book of World records.) A 15 foot tomato plant produced 836 tomatoes; rose bushes with 75 blooms; double yields of potatoes and beans; Jojoba seeds expanded 40% bigger and germinated in 20 days instead of 1 to 5 months. Plant yields not only increased two to tenfold with this sound/spray treatment, but they were also more nutritious having absorbed the nutrients better.

Sound could help replace chemical fertilizer and could help with world hunger.
Could high frequency sounds affect cell respiration in humans too? Could high frequency music increase our absorption of nutrients?
Indian researchers studying Ayurvedic medicine chanted mantras over growing plants twice daily. Herbal medicines made from these plants proved more effective and potent than those extracted from mantra deprived plants.

Feng Shui

An Ancient Chinese System of living life in harmony with your environment, with the natural rhythms of nature, and of making use of the dynamic flow of energy in the universe, to bring greater happiness and good fortune.

It is the art of adapting buildings (homes and work places) to harmonize with geomantic and topographical energy systems or currents. All articles of Sound can be used by practitioners to restore vitality and harmony in energetically discordant, dead and emotionally draining areas of one’s home or workplace. Alternatively, they can be used to quieten and harmonize a fragmentary vortex of energy.

Feng Shui is pronounced ‘foong shway’ which means ‘wind and water’.
The flow of energy or ‘chi’ and balancing yin and yang, creates the harmony and restfulness. Skilfully harnessing these forces in nature creates good chi. This ‘Sheng Chi’ is energy that flows gently in a meandering fashion. ‘Shar Chi’ is sharp, rigid and spiky.

Yin and Yang are polarities. Yin is passive and cold, and Yang is active and hot. Too much noise creates an excess and confusion of Yang energy. Soft sounds cure overactive Yang energy and the calm and quiet vibrations create a better balance between Yin and Yang. By following your instincts with an open receptive heart, you will live in happiness and harmony with the world.

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